Mixtapes Joins the No Sleep Family!

We are beyond excited to finally announce the signing of Ohio’s own MIXTAPES!

Altpress.com can exclusively reveal that Cincinnati, OH’s Mixtapes are the latest band to join the growing roster of No Sleep Records. The band is currently in the studio working on their debut full-length for the label, with a release expected in the spring and plenty of touring to follow. Check this post throughout the day for any further developments.

Vocalist/guitarist Ryan Rockwell had this to say about the move:
"We are really excited to be signing to No Sleep Records and making our first full length, we are currently in the studio and making magic. We are excited to be spreading the lyrics of Cam’ron, good fashion techniques, and also the opportunity to make friends of many races, nationalities, and even different musical taste (maybe). We are recording just over 20 songs and can’t wait to see what makes the album. As for the sound it sounds pretty much what we sound like, although less acoustic."

Mixtapes most recently released Maps And Companions via Animal Style Records.

Chris No Sleep 

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