Welcome THE CASKET LOTTERY to No Sleep!

We are BEYOND ecstatic to announce the signing of one of my personal favorite bands to No Sleep Records. Please welcome The Casket Lottery to the family. TCL to me is one of the greatest groups to come out of the Kansas City area, and i can not be more excited to welcome them to the family.

This Summer, No Sleep Records is proud to release the yet-to-be-titled fifth full length album from The Casket Lottery.

Whereas Kansas City’s favorite sons are defined by their traditional harmonious and abrasive bombardment of punk and hardcore tenacity, they have now created tracks which are entirely more fleshed out than previous releases. No longer afraid of being limited as a trio, the sails have been cast into the water’s trenches in order to further explore the boundaries of Casket Lottery’s own songs.

Recorded at Black Lodge Recordings with Ed Rose in Eudora, KS during the Fall and Winter of 2011/2012, the band’s latest will be a darker album than anything they’ve recorded in the past. Said direction was hinted at with "Survival is for Cowards" and "The Smoke and Mirrors EP" yet the “weight of the day” theme has been revisited to set the tone of goth punk songs that are as angry and triumphant as ever.

In addition to the new full-length album, No Sleep Records will also be releasing a new 7”-EP from the band, as well as a new solo 7” from Casket Lottery frontman Nathan Ellis,both available this Spring.

For those that have not heard The Casket Lottery before, check out the song Code Red from the bands record “Survival is for Cowards” (Second Nature Recordings) right here.

Chris No Sleep 

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