Mountain Man Join The No Sleep Family!

We are stoked to welcome Worcester, MA hardcore outfit Mountain Man to the family! Check out the press release below, and expect a new 12” EP this summer via No Sleep Records!

Rising from the ashes of their former band Last Lights, whose budding career was unfortunately cut short due to the untimely death of their singer, Mountain Man got their start in 2009 with Patrick Murphy, Jesse Menard and Joshua Smith helming the band’s incredibly turbulent riffs, fierce rhythm and aggressive vocals.  As word of mouth spread of the band’s volatile live shows, Mountain Man quickly emerged as one of New England’s burgeoning hardcord bands, and began performing shows with everyone from Strike Anywhere to Set Your Goals.   

In March of 2010, the band released their debut EP, One, with Mightier Than Sword, which received rave reviews from critics in the hardcore/punk community.   Later that same year the band signed with Think Fast! Records and recorded their debut full-length album, Grief, which was produced by American Nightmare drummer Alex Garcia-Rivera and followed up by tours with Four Year Strong, The Wonder years, Outbreak, Hour of the Wolf and The Menzingers among others.  Grief was released in early 2011 and was supported with only one tour with All Teeth before the band took a much needed break.  

Mountain Man reconvened in early 2012 and inked a deal with long-time fan and president of No Sleep Records Chris Hansen before entering the studio to record their follow-up EP due out later this summer.

"I am stoked to be working with Mountain Man and to add them to the family," says Hansen.  "I’ve been a fan of Mountain Man with their past releases on Think Fast and MTS and could not be happier."

"We couldn’t have asked for a better home than No Sleep," adds Murphy.  "As soon as we began talking to Chris, we knew he had a similar work ethic, passion for music, and passion for this band.  When this band began, we had a less serious vision for what we wanted to do, and as the band grew we became more serious and mature. No Sleep truly can help us mature to our fullest potential and supports all of our ideas."

Mountain Man’s maturity and growth will shine through on their upcoming EP, which will touch upon new dynamics both musically and lyrically while showcasing their influences from bands like Swans, Neurosis and Tom Waits.

"It is much darker and more atmospheric than our previous efforts, but still has the essential elements that created Mountain Man, and also serves as a precursor to the next 2 LP’s," says Murphy.

Stay tuned to www.mountainmantwo.com and http://nosleeprecords.com/ for more information regarding the forthcoming EP.

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    Congrats to Mountain Man on their signing to No Sleep Records! Be sure to catch them at The Horse’s Mouth in New Britain...
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    one of my all time favorite hardcore bands signs to a label based out of the town I did all my adolescent growin’ up in....
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