Topshelf vs No Sleep…

The wait is over! We are proud to announce what i hope will be the first in many collaborations with my good friends over at Topshelf Records… drum roll please…

Topshelf Records vs No Sleep Records: 2,995 Miles Between Us - a 20 song LIMITED compilation featuring new, unreleased, rare, etc songs from the families. Available May 22nd, exclusively at select Hot Topic locations.

BUT WAIT! There’s more - inside every compilation is a code for a bonus 50 song digital download for FREEEEE + a chance to score a golden ticket which could win you such extravagant prizes as a No Sleep (or) Topshelf 2012 Vinyl Subscription, label merch, etc.

May 15, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA – After weeks of speculation and anticipation by fans, Southern California based No Sleep Records has announced they are joining forces with New England’s Topshelf Records to release a CD compilation, Topshelf vs No Sleep: 2,995 Miles Between Us, which will feature new, unreleased and rare music from Pianos Become The Teeth, No Trigger, Moving Mountains and La Dispute among many others.  The compilation will be available on May 22, exclusively at select Hot Topic locations.

In addition to the 20 featured tracks, Topshelf vs No Sleep: 2,995 Miles Between Us will also include a code to download a bonus 50 song digital sampler.  Also hidden amongst the releases will be “golden tickets” redeemable for various prizes, including No Sleep Records and Topshelf Records 2012 vinyl subscriptions, t-shirts, tickets, stickers and much more.

“I am honored to be involved in such an amazing community, and to be surrounded by so many friends all over the country and the world,” says No Sleep president Chris Hansen.  “ This collab between No Sleep and Topshelf showcases just that, and hopefully this will be one of many things that are done to further bring it all together into the new world order that is our world. Enjoy and more to come!”

“We are within a community of friends who respect each other and who also happen to run record labels that support each other,” adds Topshelf owner Seth Decoteau.  “This project is one example of the support that we give each other.  It has been ongoing for quite a while.  We are beyond excited to have it surface and everyone should expect more things between the labels in the future.”  

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