Former Thieves European Summer Tour w/ Defeater, Code Orange Kids and more!

Our boys in FORMER THIEVES will be heading overseas this Summer with friends Defeater! Also on the tour for select dates will be Code Orange Kids, Polar and The Tidal Sleep.

30.06.12    Germany    Münster    Skaters Palace Cafe
01.07.12    UK    Leeds    Ghostfest
02.07.12    UK    Kingston    The Peel
03.07.12    UK    Nottingham    Rockcity Basement
04.07.12    UK    Bristol    The Croft
05.07.12    UK    Southampton    Joiners
06.07.12    UK    London    Underworld
07.07.12    Germany    Karlsruhe    New Noise Fest
08.07.12    Netherlands    Alphen aan den Rijn    Het Kastel
09.07.12    Germany    Hamburg    Logo
10.07.12    Germany    Schweinfurt    Alter Stattbahnhof
11.07.12    Austria    Salzburg    Rockhouse Bar
12.07.12    Germany    München    Feierwerk
13.07.12    Germany    Köln    Essigfabrik
14.07.12    Germany    Chemnitz    Fluff Warm Up Festival @ AJZ w/o Defeater
15.07.12    Germany    Giessen    MUK
16.07.12    Switzerland    Zürich    Dyanmo Werk 21
17.07.12    Italy     Milano    Lo Fi
18.07.12    Italy    Comacchio    Vodoo Club
19.07.12    Austria     Wien    Aera
20.07.12    Czech Republic    Rockycany    Fluff Fest
21.07.12    Belgium    As    Vlamrock

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