New Adventures EP Out Today

The debut EP from Adventures is officially available today! Pick it up on iTunes here, or stream it on RDIO here.

You will not be able to find it just yet in any stores however as the vinyl JUST came in to us, so it will be a bit until it reaches stores. Order a 7” via No Sleep here

Make sure you see Adventures this month!

Sept 20 Ann Arbor @ Launch Boardshop w/ Pity Sex, Citizen, Brave Bird
Sept 21 Grand Rapids @ Turtle Den w/ Pity Sex, The Reptilian
Sept 22 Chicago IL @ Gnarnia w/ Pity Sex
Sept 23 Milwaukee WI @ TBA
Sept 24 Indiapolis @ Hoosier Dome
Sept 25 Louisville KY @ Nelligan Hall
Sept 26 Columbus OH @ 400 west rich art space w/ Citizen, Aficionado, Mixtapes
Sept 27 Ashtabula @ West End Art Space OH w/ Ages
Sept 28 Alexandria MD @ Little Mans Garage w/ Ages, Caust
sept 29 Hoboken NJ @ Stevens Institue of Technology w/ Ages
Sept 30 Philadelphia @ Old Folks Home w/ Ages, Caust

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    This EP destroys, please check it out.
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    everyone has to go check this out. its sooooo good!
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    This EP and this band is awesome
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    Pretty stoked on this. Seems like it’s going to be my new Dark World.
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    JUST BOUGHT IT. Jesus fuck I’m stoked.
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    This EP is awesome! My band Cheyenne is playing with them on the 28th and 30th along with our buddies from northern VA,...
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