Album Review: The Wonder Years - Sleeping On Trash: A Collection of Songs Recorded 2005-2010


imageIt’s easy to be skeptical about records like this one. ‘A Collection of Songs…’ reads to many as “not an album, it’s not good enough to be an album” and to others as “you’ve got these already but hey, shiny new packaging.” Often for bands a song for a split or an EP might be sub par, something cut from an upcoming album, but for The Wonder Years this is certainly not the case with many fan favourites coming from these shorter releases and ‘Sleeping On Trash’ provides a simple way for fans to get hold of them.

The opening four tracks of this record, for example, represent the full track list of the band’s 2008 EP ‘Won’t Be Pathetic Forever’. These tracks are Wonder Years classics, live staples and perhaps the most Tumblr gif’d of the back catalogue. It has but two problems: people will often not go out of their way to buy a four track record and, being incredible and just four tracks long, it requires a lot of repressing the play button. With fourteen more brilliant songs to follow both problems are solved.

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