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Are you on Instagram? Do you follow us on there? If not you probably should as we are going to be giving away one of the leftover 2012 Vinyl Subscription’s shortly on there! So head on over to Instagram and find @nosleeprecords THEN hit the follow button!!

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The 2012 Vinyl Subscription included all of the below!

TS & The Past Haunts “Gone & Goner” 12”

No Trigger “Tycoon” 12”

Xerxes “Our Home Is A Deathbed” 12”

Balance and Composure “Acoustic” 7”

Mixtapes “Somewhere in Trinsic” 7”

Mixtapes “Even on the Worst Nights” 12”

Drug Church “Self Titled” 7”

The Casket Lottery “The Door” 7”

Nathan Ellis “ST” 7”

Mountain Man “Two” 12”

Adventures “Adventures” 7”

Lowtalker “The Marathon EP” 12”

Aficionado “Empty” 7”

The Casket Lottery/Touche Amore “Split” 7”

Broadway Calls/Mixtapes “Vision Quest” 7”

Early Graves “Red Horse” 12”

The Casket Lottery “Real Fear” 12”

Major League “Hard Feelings” 12”

Departures “Teenage Haze” 12”

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